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In order to make the best decisions and investments, you need professional advice and solutions for your renewable energy needs. We specialize in installations of wind and solar systems in the Central Washington area.  There are a lot of options with wind and solar as it relates to the incentive process.  If not chosen correctly, it will lesson your return on investment.  


On the following pages you will find detailed information on our services and products. 


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Our Company

Central Wind & Solar is located in Central Washington and specializes in grid connect residential small wind and solar.  In the years we have been in business, we have become well versed in many aspects of alternative energy including state and federal incentives.  As licensed and bonded contractors, our goal is to provide you with the best possible service from start to finish.  Through our evaluation process, we will help you select the type of system you need, the best location to put it, as well as take care of all incentive paperwork. 


Our best selling product is grid connect solar. There are many choices for both in state and out of state manufactored panels and how they relate to the incentive process.  Our solar systems can be both roof or ground mounted and will be fitted with the snow and wind loads of your location. Solar is a very consistent producer here in Eastern Washington.  It works on foggy and sunny days alike.  The only time it does not work is if it is covered with snow.   


We currently feature the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine made by Southwest Windpower.  This is a small scale wind turbine designed to supplement power in residences, schools, churches, and businesses.  We do have access to larger wind turbine systems and other brands if necessary and your budget permits.  Please note that all of our turbines are third party certified acceptable to Washington State labor & industries. 



Some benefits to choosing wind or solar:


Up to 20% return on investment (see incentives page for more information)

As low as 5-10 year paybacks

Increased property value

Helping offset carbon footprint

Real World Information

 We have been compiling data on our solar installs for about 2 years now. This has been accomplished through our customers monthly reporting. When customers come up on anniversaries they also report their yearly total. These numbers are real world data not computer estimates. This reporting is voluntary but has become a monthly tradition and a way to stay in touch with our customers. It has educated us, our customers and the statewide followers of our latest news page.  When we first came into solar, we were told to expect about 1,450kwh per KW installed and that is what we calculated all our payback numbers with on our pricing page.


However, through the real world data here is what we are finding out.  

Our 10 panel Top of Pole mounts are averaging 1,644kwh per Kw installed in the Ellensburg area and 1,600kwh per Kw installed in  Upper Kittitas County. As you can see this makes payback even better than we projected (which is a good thing). We could explain what is making this happen but at some point we have to quit giving away our business secrets. As a side note, we have been told that Kwh numbers from Western Washington run in the 1,100kwh per Kw installed.  Our Made in Washington systems are averaging 1,535kwh per Kw installed in the Ellensburg area. Again, higher than our earlier estimates. The one area where that 1,450kwh per Kw installed is very close is roof mounted systems. 


We probably won't re-calculate our payback numbers, though, as we would rather estimate on the low side. This would be a conservative approach that could be addressed when a potential customer calls in with there job site location.


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