I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for making my project stress-free and enjoyable. I very much appreciate your knowledge, professionalism, patience, and assistance. I feel comfortable recommending your company to friends and relatives. Once again, thank you both. 
~Rick Wandler

Thanks again Bob for your help.  Not only were you more knowledgeable than others I talked with, you are very gracious. 

~ Ray Alexander

Just for your information here are a few of the reasons why I chose your system over ----- Electric.

1.  I liked your pole mounting system better.

2.  Agree micro-inverters are the way to go.

3.  I'm impressed by your real-world production numbers.

4.  Like your "get r done" attitude for prompt installation.

5.  Cost,  your numbers are much more competitve than -----.

 ~Clint Swanstrom

"I recently completed a new house project.  During the project I was fortunate to have met every sub-contractor.  Numbered among the best was Central Wind Energy.  The team at CWE was professional, enthusiastic about their products, capable (both in design and installation), and executed flawlessly.  My Solar Panel system has been on-line just short of a year and performs as advertised.  I love "selling" my power back to PSE and at the same time giving back to the environment.  Cost savings are measurable and the Tax write-off was great!  I would recommend CWE to anyone who appreciates excellence." ~ Norm Austin

"The workmanship of Central Wind and their subcontractors is very professional and all their work is done in a timely manor. If Kittitas County Public Works would allow me to have more wind turbines I would have Central Wind add more. Since that is not going to happen soon I am looking into solar panels and now that Central Wind has branched out into wind and solar that is our next project. " ~ Clay and Alice McMechan

"When I saw Bob’s advertisement, I decided to see what he could do for me.  I was directed to his website and quickly determined that having him provide everything, except the permits, dirt work and electrical, was the best route for me.  His detailed checklist, coupled with the cost(s) breakdown made it easy to go with him on the purchase/installation.  Also, his innovative use of a pre-cast, pre-approved foundation unit saved time and costs with fabrication and inspection(s).  Anytime I have called with questions or comments he has responded promptly and positively. " ~ Pat McGeehan

"I am quite pleased with my SkyStream 1.8kw machine, purchased from Central Wind in 2008.  This owner-installed unit allows me to participate as a grid-tied producer, as opposed to a pure consumer.  I can also pass along this experience to my students at CWU.   I encourage all my fellow citizens to play a part in sustaining our way of life." ~ Dr. Craig Johnson

"Our turbine has been in service since the spring of 2009.  The process and purchase of our Skystream 3.7  turbine evolved after contacting Central Wind & Solar for some information on the Skystream 3.7.  For us it was very exciting and just seemed like the right thing to do.  We had learned incentives were available and I can’t lie, saving on electrical expense was becoming a big issue on our farm.   Aside from that, I knew little or nothing about how to get going and check out wind power.  


Two factors convinced me to move ahead with our purchase.  First was my initial meeting with Central Wind & Solar co-owner Lauren Venera to discuss the purchase process.  Lauren explained current tax incentives and how Puget Sound Energy (PSE) was tied to the installation process.  I soon discovered I had a business owner who had good knowledge of the product they were selling and really understood the whole paperwork process.  That made a huge difference in my decision to move ahead with a potential purchase. During our meeting I was also provided clear examples and simple instructions regarding paperwork flow.  Lauren also explained how to get the required permitting and provided me a contact for that process.  That really simplified the process for me.  

The next step was the site visit.  That was another eye opener.  Owner Bob Venera visited our farm and it was clear from the beginning that location and the potential for productive wind was Bob’s priority in selling me a turbine.  In other words no wind, bad site, no turbine!  After Bob had determined our farm was a suitable location the fun started, snow flew and we were on hold until spring.   After the winter thaw a pad was poured, cured and the installation date set.  The entire physical installation from start to finish took about four hours.  Bob’s crew and competent electrician made a big difference in what turned out to be a fun and simple installation.  


To sum it up for us, the entire process was completely painless including our follow-up as owners with PSC’s installation of the production meter.  We were also pleased when the final electrical inspection passed with one visit. " ~ John Bennett   

"We had Central Wind Energy install our Solar Panel in the Peoh Point area in May of 2010 and I can report without any fear of contradiction that they did a super job.  All of the work was so well orchestrated and efficient that there was no wasted time or effort involved in the installation.  They had a crew of specialists for every phase of the installation that demonstrated that they were serious and knew what they were doing, and assured that the installation went smoothly without a hitch and was done quickly and correctly.  From the excavation operators who did the digging to the crane operators who hoisted and set the premade concrete solar panel foundation block to the crew that installed the solar panels and to the electricians that ran the conduit and wires and hooked it up.  To top it off they accomplished the work in one of the rare rain storms (deluge) that we get here at Peoh Point.  Everything worked perfectly the first time and it still is. Our electric bill is a lot less, plus we are getting a energy credit refund on our taxes!


We would recommend Central Wind Energy to anyone." ~ Dennis and Beverly Schwab.

"Central Wind installed our 10 panel solar system in July 2010. We are very pleased with how well organized and thorough they were with the installation. We were given a date for the installation and it was done on that date ….ON TIME." ~ Bill B


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